Corporate Outline

Company name Blue innovation Co., Ltd.
  • President and Chief Executive Officer Takayuki Kumada
  • Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Masayuki Kumada
  • Managing Director Kenrou Tanaka
  • Director Yuichiro Ide
  • Outside Director Sei Furukawa
  • Outside Director Takeshi Nojima
  • Outside Director Masahiro Nakagawa
Establishment 10th June 1999
Capital 695 million JPY (As of end of December 2023)
Number of employees 69 employees (As of end of December 2023)

We are developing and providing the following solutions with Blue innovation’s proprietary device integration platform Blue Earth Platform at their center. Our platform enables digital transformation and automation of various tasks by remote (BVLOS) automatic control and cooperation of multiple drones, robots and various devices.

  • Digital Transformation of Plants, Factories and Water Infrastructure Solutions
  • Communication or Field Infrastructure Maintenance Solutions
  • Digital Transformation of Distribution and Logistics Solutions
  • Smart Office Solutions
  • Human Resource Development and Training Solutions
Main customers Government offices
Private companies (Multiple major communication companies, major system integrator companies, major power generation companies, major heavy industry companies, etc.)

Head Office

Address 4F, ​​Ichigo Hongo Building, 5-33-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
TEL (+81) 03-6801-8781
FAX (+81) 03-6801-8782