FLIGHT TO THE FUTURE ドローンとともに次の社会を

Solution and Technology

One Command, Cross-Device,
All Missions

Blue Earth Platform (BEP) is Blue innovation’s proprietary device integration platform that is capable of remote (BVLOS) autonomous control and cooperation of various types of devices, like multiple drone or robots, on the mission basis.
Via integrated management of multiple drones or robots by BEP and cooperation with various OSes and systems, it is possible to accomplish any type and number of mission that were not possible for a single device or system.

We enable digital transformation or automation of any area or task via connecting BEP with multiple drones or robots, various devices and even social or work infrastructure.

Task or goal specific BEP packages

By optimizing the set of drones or robots and required BEP features according to the task, drones and robots can cooperate and be utilized for various tasks.
With no need for complicated setup or operation, the task is automatically accomplished by just one command from BEP, which allows for automation or optimization of job done previously by humans and smartly ensures safety.


  • Company name
    Blue innovation Co., Ltd.
  • Executives
    President and Chief Executive Officer Takayuki Kumada
    Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Masayuki Kumada
    Senior Managing Director and Chief Innovation Officer Takashi Nasu
    Director and Audit Committee Member Sei Furukawa
    Outside Director and Audit Committee Member Takeshi Nojima
    Outside Director and Audit Committee Member Masahiro Nakagawa
  • Establishment
    10th June 1999
  • Capital
    214,000,000 JPY (As of end of March 2022)
  • Number of employees
    71 employees (As of April 2022)
  • Business
    We are developing and providing the following solutions with Blue innovation’s proprietary device integration platform Blue Earth Platform at their center. Our platform enables digital transformation and automation of various tasks by remote (BVLOS) automatic control and cooperation of multiple drones, robots and various devices.
    ・Digital Transformation of Plants, Factories and Water Infrastructure Solutions
    ・Communication or Field Infrastructure Maintenance Solutions
    ・Digital Transformation of Distribution and Logistics Solutions
    ・Smart Office Solutions
    ・Human Resource Development and Training Solutions
  • Main customers
    Government offices
    Private companies (Multiple major communication companies, major system integrator companies, major power generation companies, major heavy industry companies, etc.)

Address: 4F, ​​Ichigo Hongo Building, 5-33-10 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6801-8781 FAX: 03-6801-8782


3 min. walk from A6 exit of Kasuga Station (Toei Subway Mita Line, Oedo Line)

5 min. walk from A5 exit of Kasuga Station (Toei Subway Mita Line, Oedo Line)

8 min. walk from Number 8 exit of Korakuen Station (Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line, Marunouchi Line)


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