Automate your key operations and achieve digital transformation with 「BEP Package」

BEP Package is an optimized combination of drones or robots and BEP functions designed to suit your target operation. With BEP Package, you can automatically get your tasks done with just a single cue from BEP, so it frees you from complicated setting-up or controlling of the device each time. It’s a smart solution to automate and optimize tasks that have been performed by humans, while also ensuring safety.

For Inspection:

Smart inspection and 3D modeling for plants, factories and public infrastructure, etc.

Powerline Inspection

With simple operation, drones fly automatically right along sagging powerlines. It helps you to improve the efficiency of your inspection and to reduce costs, as well as to enhance operator safety.

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Plant Inspection

Drones equipped with camera, radar or other devices patrol your facility. Then the detected facility status data and a large amount of inspection images are analyzed at high speed and in real-time.

Autopilot Inspection

Robots equipped with 5G communication capability and AI devices patrol your facility. Then the detected facility status data and a large amount of inspection images are analyzed at high speed and in real-time.

AI Analysis

It carries out ortho-correction and 2D/3D modelling based on images captured by drones or AGVs. Gas or thermal analysis is also possible by changing the mounted device.

For Logistics:

Logistics, transportation, inventory control, etc.

Drone Port System

It’s a transport system that links drones and AGVs, using our proprietary drone port as the starting point. It allows you to comprehensively operate tasks such as flight status monitoring, automatic landing guidance and ensuring safety at the landing point.

In-house Logistics

It automates transport processes and tasks between different lines or different facilities within a plant. It is also possible to link data with existing systems, such as material handling devices and FA devices.

Inventory Control

Drones or robots mounted with reader devices such as RFID automatically patrol your warehouse, collecting inventory data. It enables fully automated inventory control with no human intervention.

For Office:

Monitoring, cleaning, reception, etc.

Office Cleaning

It links multiple cleaning robots of different types and building systems that control elevators and automatic doors. In this way, humans and robots share tasks to provide a pleasant office environment.


Autopilot drones or robots patrol your offices on a set route to contribute to improved security of office space as well as to enhance work-life balance of employees.

For Education/Training:

Basic drone training, advanced pilot training, corporate training, etc.

Basic Training

We offer training courses that comply with ISO23665, an international standard for drone piloting training at over 300 JUIDA-accredited schools across Japan. So far, we have issued Pilot Certificates and Safe Flight Administrator Certificates to over 20,000 individuals. (As of December 2022)

Advanced Training

Through this training, you can acquire advanced skills and knowledge required for specialized tasks such as plant inspection using drones, survey work for forest management, and data management for preparation of documents to be submitted.